Boat trips


We have daily boat trips on which we visit different dive- and snorkel spots. We usually go out for 2 sites with our wooden boat. On the boat we will offer you a nice lunchbuffet, for some special trips we will have lunch in a restaurant.

Divers are guided by the dive master and we dive in small groups. Full equipment is included. A camera can be rented or we can provide you the pictures of your diving day on sd taken by one of our staff.

Snorkelers get full equipment: mask, snorkel and fins. There is a snorkel briefing before you enter the water and a local snorkel guide will show you the best spots.

We dive and snorkel from the same boat, this way friends and family doing different activities can join the trip together. The boat has plenty of space, so comfortable for boatjoiners as well. 

For those who prefer to do only one dive it is possible to do a dive off the beach. All we need to check is that there is a guide available and ... down we go.

The half day trip on Koh Mak or Koh Rang National park has two dive- and snorkel spots.  

We offer also a dive and snorkeling trip to beautiful Koh Kood incl a delicious lunch buffet on board. On this trip we offer 2 spot and a visit to the amazing Klong Yakki waterfall. Great day out to have a glimp of Koh Kood island.

When we dive the very popular HTMS Chang Shipwreck we usually go out for 3 dives, this trip is a great snorkel experience as well. We head to the wreck first, then we make 2 more dives on coral sites.


All activities are run from the same boat, 80% of the dive sites are also very good snorkel sites. In case we do dive one of the deeper sites then we take the divers there with our small speedboat while the BB boat stays with the snorkelers for safety and comfort.