All instructors are Padi Licensed

BB divers' team

The BB instructors are all Padi certified. They come from all over the world, offering an international touch to the diving courses and the possibility to learn the diving in your own language.

Every instructor and dive master works here out of passion for diving, hardly "another day in the office". Most of our 'BB-ers' are travelers who started their dive training here and found their place on Koh Mak. It became their second home, every year more and more familiar faces show up again. This is the magic of Koh Mak. Over time we have trained some of our Thai staff up to divemaster or instructor, with their local knowledge of the sea they are very valuable dive guides. Our mixed company of BB staff will take care of your safety on the boat, and make sure to ad to the fun…

BB divers' boats

On Koh mak we dive and snorkel using a speedboat. The dive sites on Koh Mak and in Koh Rang national park are only a very short distance away. For this reason we decided that a speedboat is better to get us to the sites quickly, this way we can dive these great coral sites before the bigger boats from Koh Chang arrive on the spot.

We have 2 boats, the regular speedboat offers place for 13 person snorkeling, or we take max 10 divers. Between the dives we stop for lunch on a beach.

The "mini speedboat" is great for private trips or on quite days, we take 2 to 3 divers or 5 snorkelers on this boat. It is a great little boat to charter for a private family trip or sunset cruise. 

The Bb boats on the other islands are originally Thai fishing boats which were comfortably adapted for diving. There is plenty of place to relax for the non divers or to have a nice chat or siesta on the way back from a day out. We take a dingly boat with us to the dive sites for safety.

The "Pi Chai Yut", wooden boat with 2 decks, is used in Koh Kood. It has storage for 50 tanks and can take 50 people.

Koh Chang has the "big boat" Blue Lagoon, licensed for 50 people and 100 tanks. The boat has a slide on it which is very popular in the lunch break, not only with the kids!

The smaller boat, "Sky Saeng" has a license for max. 30 people and carries 50 tanks, making the setup for dive equipment very comfortable and easy.

The boats are available for charter as well.